Returning profit from NZ therapeutic plant oils back to NZ Grower-Producers.

Pilot Pop-Up Blueprint Shop location

US1 Boca Raton, huge traffic counts and easy access suburban shopping centers


Easy for the ladies to drop in for a koffee 'n korero as they learn about the unique health, wellness & skin care products from Aotearoa/NZ

Products from a trusted provenance


Green 'n clean is how the world sees NZ

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Learn about traditional health & wellness from NZ

About Us

Tribal Manuka Oil

Extracted from the manuka tree which only grows in Aotearoa/NZ, Tribal Manuka Oil is a customary remedy used for cuts, wounds. sores, abrasions and other ailments  by the Maori tribes of Aotearoa/NZ for over 1,000 years 

Base of the new tribal range

Rich in terpenes, our manuka oil is extracted from the leaves of the manuk bush which is grown and harvested according to ancient Maori custom in accordance with the protocols of "tikanga" 

US manfacturing base

The new Tribal skin care range will be manufactured in the US using tribal oil imported from the Mataatua Manuka Cooperative Ltd which draws it souil supplies from Maori tribal lands such as Kobhumaru Manuka Station in the "winterlesss" northj of Aotearoa/NZ.

Our Pop-Up "Blueprint" Shop - Opening Team

Linda - Retail Shop Director


A US citizen & Florida resident, Linda is returning home to direct all operations.

Cheryl - Product Art Manager


A graduate of Ft Lauderdale Art Institute, Cheryl manages shop product displays.

Shona - Shop Art Designer


One of NZ's leading art doyens, Shona directs the Maoritanga theme artwork.

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