Returning profit from NZ therapeutic plant oils back to NZ Grower-Producers.

Equity-Franchise Expansion Platform

Equity Participating Management "EPM"

The traditional franchise format is akin to "renting" a business. Today's entrepreneurs do not want to manage a business that they "rent' from a franchisor. They want to manage a business they they "own" while seamlessly participating in the financial benefits of the collective business eco-system in which they are participating.  

For this reason, the Co-Op has developed a business model where each participating Retail Shop operator owns shares in both (1) their own Retail Shop operating company and (2) in the US based Retail Shop product supply company which as the owner of the Approved Products distribution rights, is the Intellectual Property Company ("IPCOM") that supports the Retail Shop operations in the USA through product supply and operational support.

This structure is similar to the Cooperative companies model in Aotearoa/New Zealand  where the raw material / resource suppliers to a Co-Op hold shares in that Co-Op as "Transacting Member Shareholders" ("TMS") members of the Co-Op, enjoying TMS benefits such as preferential product pricing and profit distribution through dividends etc.

The only difference between the role of the TMS in a traditional Co-Op and the IPCOM is that the TMS members are the Approved Product retail network distributors who purchase their Approved Products from the IPCOM for sale through their Retail Shop. 


Our 3-Step EPM based business launch process

(1) Open Pop-Up Shop


The first container load of Approved Products will see trading ops start.

(2) Buildup fulfillment ops


The fulfillment center operations will be expanded from the Series A round.

(3) Open Pilot Retail Shop


The pilot Retail Shop will launch through the Family office property portfolio.