Returning profit from NZ therapeutic plant oils back to NZ Grower-Producers.

The Winterless north - home of of Kohumaru Station


A manuka and kanuka plant oil kingdom

Rich in monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and triketone

Our organic manuka oil Product Provider for the Florida Pop-Up Shop will be provided by Kohumaru Station, a 2334 acre manuka kingdom in the winterless north of Aotearoa/NZ.Manuka Oil has long been valued for its health properties, having been used for centuries by the Maori people of New Zealand. It was this natural wisdom that was passed to Captain Cook on his arrival in New Zealand in 1769 and then subsequently used by the early European settlers.

The healing properties of Manuka Oil aid the body in repair and rejuvenation while the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties work by helping to keep the skin clean and clear of bacteria that can cause skin problems such as acne, spots and other blemishes.

The Manuka Oil  that we will provide from our tikanga compliant Kohumaru Station, will support our "Tikanga" compliant range of health and wellness consumer products, provide an effective ingredient specifically used to promote better body health. It is a natural healing agent as well as having antibacterial properties and being an antioxidant. Combined with other natural ingredients specifically chosen to compliment the effectiveness of the Manuka Oil, our Anchor Partner's products will provide a range of health benefits to help keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Wild growing manuka and kanuka is sustainably harvested from an organically certified location in the Thames, Paeroa, Waihi. Coromandel region.

The Thames/Paeroa area

In the Google Earth image above of the Thames, Coromandel, Paeroa area, one immediately notices the huge tracts of land that remain covered in native bush. Over 70% of the region remains covered in native bush, providing excellent access to many native plant taonga, (treasure) from which the natural resources used in many health and wellness consumer products that come from Aotearoa/NZ are formulated around.

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Whanau Grower-Producer manuka oil operation

A family run operation


In keeping with NZ farming whanau (family) tradition, the tamariki of the landowning tipuna assume management.

Skilled plant management


Over the past 25 years, the manuka and kanuka growing and management skills of the whanau  have grown. 

Years of harvesting knowledge


With this plant growing experience comes ever growing harvesting skills required to produce high quality plants.

Customary growing knowledge


Hundreds of  years of customary knowledge is applied to the growing, harvesting and extraction of the oil.

Delivering therapeutic oils


With this tradition and knowledge  the family is able to bring its tikanga compliant manuka oil to the marketplace.

And trustworthy products


From this core product, the family then expanded into further value added skin care and wellness products.

You will find these products in the 177 East Pop-Up shop when trading starts in Florida

Introducing our Tikanga compliant manuka oil brand

Grown, harvested and extracted from customary tribal & rural bushland


Supported by 1,000 years of customary practice


From Aotearoa/NZ, a highly trusted provenance



Hauraki district - vast tracts of customary/tribal lands ready to harvest


MOT has submitted a proposal to secure extraction rights to a Crown owned station carrying substantial Manuka bushland stock.

Wall to wall manuka stock ready to harvest


30 year old regrowth manuka in every direction

And Carbon Credit rich farming stock


A region rich in native regrowth forest worth many millions of dollars

Committed to preserving customary lore (Tikanga)

Marae Support

The Co-Op supports the activity of all local marae and is developing a koha program in the US to help fund marae activities.

Tikanga Support

The Co-Op is committed to respecting the protocols of Tikanga in its whenua (land) operations.

Rohe Job Creation

The Co-Op's long term kaupapa is to fully support the delivery of jobs and income to locals, not imported holiday labour from foreign lands.