Returning profit from NZ therapeutic plant oils back to NZ Grower-Producers.


Manuka Oil Technology Ltd "MOT"

Coromandel/Hauraki a Manuka Taonga (treasure) Kingdom

150,000,000 years in the making.

The base rock of the Coromandel Peninsula is greywacke, a sedimentary rock deposited on the sea floor about 150 million years ago. Its later uplift and folding formed the Coromandel Range and the peninsula’s general shape. Between 20 and 10 million years ago a string of large andesitic volcanoes dominated the peninsula. They erupted intermittently, spewing lava and scattering ash and debris. All that remains of them are the ‘plugs’ or molten magma at their centres, the surrounding rock long eroded away. A later volcanic period beginning about nine million years ago produced rhyolites in place of the older andesites. Instead of forming volcanic cones, rhyolites exploded from calderas – large, deep craters – and formed sheets of ignimbrite in places. Remnant spines and domes of calderas are found south of Whitianga, Home of the Coromandel Mountains Company Ltd, our Kaupapa Partner, the worlds only organically certified manuka / kanuka producing station.

Coromandel Mountains Co

MOT is working with Whitianga based, Coromandel Mountains Co Ltd as its "kaupapa partner", a long established, local whanau owned  manuka and kanuka oil operator on the Coromandel Peninsula. A company that shares the MOT kaupapa of making the Coromandel rohe (region)  the heart of (1) the "organically certified" and (2) the "tikanga compliant" manuka and kanuka oil industry in Aotearoa/NZ.  

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Our Paeroa Factory & Retail Pop-Up Shop pilot

3 Fraser Street, Paeroa, Aotearoa/NZ


Manuka-kanuka oil extraction facility and site of the pop-up shop pilot operation for manuka oil products.

Aerial imnage of Paeroa


There is over 108,000 ha of manuka and kanuka bushland within a two hour drive of Paeroa. That's over half a billion dollars worth of oil!

View of the retail shop entrance


The development of a maoritanga theme is planned for the front of the building to create the theme for the tikanga compliant manuka and kanuka health and wellness consumer products that will be sold here.

The kanuka/manuka toanga support team

NZ Agri-biz operations director


A South African boer (farmer) who has worked and managed farms and orchards in the Eastern BOP for over 17 years,  "Rhino" is a farming prodigy who has the skills required to direct the entire farming operations.

US fulfillment centre director


A US citizen based in Florida, Linda is a qualified beauty therapist who owned & operated her own beauty salons in South Africa who is directing the US fulfillment center and retail shop launch.

Co-Op development director


As  a former investor in an organic teatree farming /TGA licensed therapeutic products facility in northern NSW, Nic has many years of experience in the essential oils industry and its downstream consumer products. 

Landowner liaison director


Te Upokorehe iwi/hapu collective rangatira and Tairawhiti/Mataatua rohe kaitiaki, Jim's tribal investment interests were founding shareholders of the Co-Op and have far reaching connections into Maori organizations nationally.

POI honey program landowner


Whanarua Bay landowner Rickson and his whanau own magnificent nursery land that is to provide a support facility for the manuka, kanuka and macadamia seedling programs and will host the POI honeyhut trials.

US Retail Shop opening team


Linda, Cheryl and Shona have been friends through the NZ Childrens Arthouses organization for over 25 years. Here they are toasting to teaming up to open the Florida hub with art creating the Maoritanga theme.

About "MOT"

Tree Nursery

We manage tree nursery operations to expand available tree stock.

Leaf harvesting

We harvest the foliage by hand to ensure proper tree management.

Oil extraction

We extract the oil from the leaf through a distillation process.