Returning profit from NZ therapeutic plant oils back to NZ Grower-Producers.

MOT, 177East (US) & 177East (NZ) are all member companies of the Mataatua Whenua Cooperative Ltd

We have three classes of members

Investor Members


Initially our investors members are the largest class of shareholders as they provide the capital required to (1) bring on board the Grower-Producer (Transacting Member) shareholders  and (2) develop the pilot Retail Shop base for the Equity Participating shop ownership/operation model.

Grower-Producer Members


This class of shareholder will expand in numbers as growers under the "whanau-on-the-whenua" program come on board. These members will progressively surpass the early stage investor members as the Co-Ops Grower-Producer membership base expands.

Equity-Franchise Members


The US Retail Shop program has been structured to expand through a Fee-Free, Equity Participating Management ownership model where franchise (entry) fees are replaced with an equity stake in the master Licensor which is the NZ based Co-Op.

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Supporting our Grower-Producer members


Nursery Operations

At the request of individual Grower-Producer Members, the Co-Op will assist them to make application to the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to secure funding under the 1B trees kaupapa that replaced the old MPI Afforestation Grants Scheme. This will assist Grower-Producers to expand their harvestable tree stock. The Co-Op also has access to macadamia seedstock for those Grower-Producers who want to diversify their income resource base.


Harvesting Operations

Our land ops director "Rhino" and his MOT team support our Grower-Producer members to bring their foliage to the Farm Gate for collection and delivery to the extraction facility should the landowner prefer not to do their own harvesting. A harvesting charge is deducted from the AFGP (Annual Farm Gate Price) payment should a landowner require this additional support.


Oil Extraction Operations

The Manuka Oil Technology (MOT) team deliver the oil extraction mahi for the Grower-Producer Members who are paid out the AFGP based on the quantity of oil extracted from the foliage collected from their farm gate. The oil is extracted through a steam distillation process. The extracted oil then enters into the value adding consumer retail products phase which our Grower Producers Members also share in through their shareholding in the Co-Op which entitles them to share in profit distribution.   

The "12-Steps" to Membership of the Co-Op